Born to Die
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Please don’t
Please don’t touch me there
And there, and there
If you are only to withhold
More than I can bear
As my eyes will beg for your stay
To be entwined in suffocation
And forever be my prey
As we experience the sensation
Of more than just the physical
For I am anything but in control
Of what makes me emotional
And what makes me whole
So if my love is what you seek
You may try upon this dare
And unmask my mystique
To see how unprepared
You are to handle this
As you will soon understand
Why you’ll reminisce
About another’s hand
Or perhaps come to yearn
For someone new
See, I’ve been burned
By those like you
So may I request
For your surrender
On obtaining my sweet poison
And all else that’s tender
Leave my lips unmoistened
But if you somehow can
Withstand my stubborn pulse
Then I shall give you
My special dose
Otherwise, don’t
Please don’t
- Remy Raine, “Don’t, Please Don’t” (via remyraine)